About Charlcom Fabrication & Engineering

At Charlcom Fabrication we are very proud of the reputation we have developed with our clients. A reputation for high quality workmanship, responsiveness to client needs and versatility.

We routinely perform work that others simply will not touch and are committed to exceeding our customer's expectations.

Quality is the responsibility and goal of every Charlcom employee. Our commitment to quality will lower costs by eliminating errors, resulting in the best service at the lowest cost with.

To achieve the above, Charlcom will:

  • Utilise every available means to achieve quality.
  • Define quality as the joint responsibility of both management and employees.
  • Maintain quality goals and objectives as set out in our Strategic Plan.
  • Ensure that customer expectation, as well as specifications, are an integral part of every new program.
  • Apply a quality planning system to ensure effective implementation of every new program to meet our Quality goals.
  • Commit to an ongoing training program for all new and existing employees.
  • Promote quality awareness and employee work involvement in quality improvement programs.
Charlie Combes
Charlie Combes - Director
Charlie Combes
Marshall Gibbs - Manager