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CCF has vast experience working with architects and builders manufacturing fabricated steel framing for domestic and commercial use, including house extensions, factory and commercial property new builds and renovations.

We can also install and liaise directly with your engineers to make sure you are getting exactly what you want.

Advantages for building with steel frames

Steel frames are the popular choice for Architects, builders and owner builders alike. Steel frames are fabricated and that means you can design just about anything.

When strength, durability and quality are the important selection factors, steel framing is the natural choice for brick-veneer and direct-clad home construction.

Steel framing offers outstanding homebuilding advantages:

  • Durability - You need never be concerned that the structural frame you can't see is deteriorating due to environmental or biological attack by termites, borers or fungi.
  • Stability - Steel frames will not absorb moisture or dry out. Steel has outstanding dimensional stability to keep your home in shape indefinitely.
  • Structural efficiency - Engineered steel frames are extremely strong yet are light in weight.
  • Design flexibility - Create optimum architectural forms to suit your living needs and building conditions, including long clear spans for open plan living and even curved trusses.
  • Wide availability - The design you want can be built virtually anywhere in Australia.
  • Fire resistance - Does not burn nor contribute fuel to the spread of a fire.
  • Low maintenance - Low cost and effort to keep its design qualities intact.
  • Trade familiarity - Steel frames are easy to construct and finish, and you'll always have access to the skills to modify or extend your home.
  • Environmentally friendly - Steel is 100% recyclable, easily accommodates energy efficient design concepts, enables minimal site disturbance and produces little site waste.

Architects, builders and owner builders will particularly benefit from the following steel framing advantages:

  • Steel framing is light but strong. There is less mass of material to be handled on site at frame stage, so it is safe and easy to handle and quick to erect.
  • Steel framing fabricators supply prefabricated frame sections in easily transportable and manageable panels and trusses.

Frame erection is simple and fast. All components are identified to ensure the correct erection sequence. Connections are quick and easy, often connected using screws, bolts or welded on-site.

Verifiable quality. Steel is a consistent, engineered product free of natural imperfections.
Steel framing is versatile and adaptable. Depending on the home's architectural design, you can choose steel framing for part of it and combine it with other structural materials. At every stage and for every detail, it's your choice.